presses, pressing, pressed
1) VERB If you press something somewhere, you push it firmly against something else.

[V n against n] He pressed his back against the door...

[V n prep] They pressed the silver knife into the cake.

2) VERB If you press a button or switch, you push it with your finger in order to make a machine or device work.

[V n] Drago pressed a button and the door closed...

[V n] There was no-one at the reception desk, so he pressed a bell for service.

N-COUNT: usu sing
Press is also a noun.

...a TV which rises from a table at the press of a button.

3) VERB If you press something or press down on it, you push hard against it with your foot or hand.

[V n] The engine stalled. He pressed the accelerator hard...

[V adv] She stood up and leaned forward with her hands pressing down on the desk. [Also V on n]

4) VERB If you press for something, you try hard to persuade someone to give it to you or to agree to it.

[V for n] Police might now press for changes in the law...

[V for n to-inf] They had pressed for their children to be taught French.

5) VERB If you press someone, you try hard to persuade them to do something.

[V n to-inf] Trade unions are pressing him to stand firm...

[be V-ed for/about n] Mr King seems certain to be pressed for further details...

[be V-ed for/about n] She smiles coyly when pressed about her private life. [Also V n into n/-ing]

6) VERB If someone presses their claim, demand, or point, they state it in a very forceful way.

[V n] The protest campaign has used mass strikes and demonstrations to press its demands...

[V n] His officials have visited Washington to press their case for economic aid.

7) VERB If an unpleasant feeling or worry presses on you, it affects you very much or you are always thinking about it.

[V on n] The weight of irrational guilt pressed on her...

[V on n] Right now, I've got other problems that are pressing on me.

8) VERB If you press something on someone, you give it to them and insist that they take it.

[V n on n] All I had was money, which I pressed on her reluctant mother...

[V n on n] Food and cigarettes were pressed on him.

9) VERB If you press clothes, you iron them in order to get rid of the creases.

[V n] Vera pressed his shirt...

[V n] There's a couple of dresses to be pressed.

[V-ed] ...clean, neatly pressed, conservative clothes.

10) VERB If you press fruits or vegetables, you squeeze them or crush them, usually in order to extract the juice.

[be V-ed] The grapes are hand-picked and pressed...

[V n] I pressed the juice of half a lemon into a glass of water.

[V-ed] ...1 clove fresh garlic, pressed or diced.

11) N-SING-COLL: the N Newspapers are referred to as the press.

Today the British press is full of articles on India's new prime minister.

...freedom of the Press...

Press reports revealed that ozone levels in the upper atmosphere fell during the past month.

12) N-SING-COLL: the N Journalists are referred to as the press.

Christie looked relaxed and calm as he faced the press afterwards...

A meeting was promised, but the Press was not admitted.

13) N-COUNT A press or a printing press is a machine used for printing things such as books and newspapers.

...the invention of the printing press...

He was writing the book up to the moment the presses rolled.

14) See also , pressing
15) PHRASE: V inflects If someone or something gets a bad press, they are criticized, especially in the newspapers, on television, or on radio. If they get a good press, they are praised.

...the bad press that career women consistently get in this country...

Men get more bad press in her new novel.

16) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR against n If you press charges against someone, you make an official accusation against them which has to be decided in a court of law.

I could have pressed charges against him...

Police have announced they will not be pressing charges.

17) PHRASE: V inflects When a newspaper or magazine goes to press, it starts being printed.

We check prices at the time of going to press...

As this column went to press, I learnt that the man had died.

18) PHRASE: V inflects To press someone or something into service means to use them temporarily for a particular purpose.

The local bar has been pressed into service as a school...

Kenny had been pressed into service to guard the door.

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